About Us

Aloha Partners II was formed in 2004 to take advantage of the growth in mobile data traffic in the United States. Currently, Aloha Partner II is the 12th largest owner of wireless spectrum in the U.S. Aloha Partners II owns Advanced Wireless...

Area Coverage

Please click on the link listed below to view an interactive map of Aloha Partners II's wireless spectrum coverage.

This map includes coverage areas, population served, and the amount of spectrum available in each market.

Advanced Wireless Service

Advanced Wireless Spectrum, also known as AWS, is located in the 1710-1755MHz and 2110-2155MHz frequency ranges. The wireless industry has seen explosive growth in the demand for both voice and data services over the past several years. The number...

October 2010

October 2010, Charles Townsend, Aloha Partners II CEO, is reelected to CTIA Board of Directors.

January 2010

Aloha Partners II ranks as the 12th largest owner of wireless spectrum in the United States covering over 45 million pops. Over 75% of pops are...